Monday, September 22, 2008

The Nonconverted: The Village Voice All of Us Review

Telling the truth is tough business, and we you enter the public space, it gets tougher. The recent review in the Village Voice about All of Us asks:

"How effective are social-activist docs that don't entertain enough to captivate the non-converted? Brooklyn filmmaker Emily Abt's well-meaning, pro-feminist doc offers little new insight in seeking to raise awareness that black women are disproportionately at high risk for HIV infection (the leading cause of death among those 25 to 34)..." (Click here for full Village Voice review).

One thing about truth-telling is that there is often nothing entertaining about it. That is what makes it tough. The whole point of truth-telling is about the act of listening and creating safe spaces where people can listen to views that may be radically different from their own. This is what the Truth Circle is about. Creating a safe space where you can begin to have the converted and non-converted actually listen to one another in a respectful way without judgement, condemnation or attacks.

This is tough work. But sometimes you just have to roll with the punches. TruthAIDS is committed to communicating across all of these divides and taking the lessons learned to the next level. If we don't build on these lessons, we cannot connect the dots towards a movement

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