Monday, December 8, 2008

Question about Lecture 1

We just got a comment on the TruthAIDS site regarding video lecture #1 and I wanted to share my answer back to the following comment left by Jessica:

QUESTION: " I just wanted to share with you the experience i have had learning about
truthaids and show support in this movement to a more logical and realistic way
of combating STD's.... I really think that this idea of connecting aids and
STD's with underlying issues of violence and injustice is a powerful one. Along
with that, i am curious if whether or not this same concept could be applied to
other unsafe practices we (women, or even human beings) participate in that lead
to disease and destruction. I am wondering if the organization has extended
any of it's concepts to other STD'd that are lifelong such as HSV or HPV. Along
with that, the ideas of addiction and dependance that spawn from histories of

ANSWER: HIV is the first STD we have tackled and our approach to teaching about it as a justice issue with the general public is what we are learning all about. The connections between social justice and health apply to many issues, not just HIV. Creating a safe environment where peace is the norm, instead of violence would make us all healthier.

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