Thursday, March 19, 2009

Welcome Ebon!

TruthAIDS artisans are a group of artists we collaborate with to help us communicate community-based health lessons. Our newest member to the team is Ebon Heath.

Ebon Heath lives and works in Brooklyn New York and received his BFA, in Graphic Design, from Rhode Island School of Design. In 1993 he founded (((stereotype))) , a design studio focused on music packaging, magazine layout, and fashion advertising. Clients varied from the urban fashion pioneer Tripe 5 Soul, Puffy’s Bad Boy Records, to independent magazine Stress, as well as cultural institutions like the African Burial Ground, Take Your Daughter to Work Day, and promotions for the Nike NYC Swoosh Campaign.
He subsequently co-founded Cell Out in 2003, a consultancy that develops issue-based media strategies for non-profits, NGO's and brands. He is currently a adjunct professor in Graphic Design at Lehman College in the Bronx, New York.

Ebon will also be joining our advisory board and bringing his expertise in design to advise on all TruthAIDS projects. We are incredibly lucky to have him.

Please check out his incredible work:

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